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webxpace can create custom software, programming according to your needs and specific application, allowing you the freedom to use software that is fully tailored and adequated to your uses and ways of working. We work in close partnership with you and your Company until all objectives are fully accomplished.


webxpace is well known for it's range of freeware utilities, providing everyone with free yet professional software that is still being developed according to every user's suggestions and requests. All freeware can be used both commercial and personnally by anyone that so desires and depends mostly on user's will to contribute both to it's development and with small donations to cover it's cost.


All those freeware utilities were created just because, at some time, I needed something that just couldn't be found - or didn't work as desired. Then everything was shared into the Internet for free, in a way giving back something to all of you out there in return of all we get from the internet everyday.

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