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This software is based on our real experience working on the industrial manufacture and production field, and was developed as a simpler alternative to bigger and much more expensive existing industrial software.

This is free software, although we request a small donation be made in order for us to send you a license for the full version. This is just to compensate development costs and keep programmers happy.

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This is professional software, geared mainly for the Industry and for manufacture production series; this software will let you control any production, stock order and / or supplier. With it, you can :

Production manager snapshot ..
  • define unlimited products
  • create multiple suppliers and/or companies
  • control orders, check productions and materials
  • and define composite products
  • calculate orders relating to existing stocks
  • control lead times to order raw materials
  • control production and break-down hours
  • define suppliers, clients, subcontractors
  • and much more ...

Can work with one or multiple companies.
Can print listing of all the data bases, ordered by any column you need.
Remembers every input / output made to materials, order and products.

Description Pad file for shareware sites: StockControl PAD file

Full Software version

This software is 'donationware', so to get the full working version of the software you just have to donate the sugested amount bellow to receive your full working, no limits, copy. This copy will run only from the computer(s) in which you sent us the serial number(s) from, of course.

Single User License (single computer) Euro 75. (US$  101) 
up to 4 Users License (network users) Euro 135. (US$  183) 
up to 10 Users License (network users) Euro 225. (US$ 305)
Software buying
The latest version available of the software package will be emailed to you once your donation is confirmed. You will also be entitled to receive email support on setup and startup of the software from the moment you finish your order on the website.


Free Download Download (Stockcontrl.zip - 530k) Demo

Please feel free to  download  the demonstration version of this software and check everything the software is capable of. This DEMO version won't allow you to change anything, although it's loaded with a demo database. Apart from this, it works exactly like the final version will. To get a full version, just check how to above.

Note: This is a professional software, aimed mainly for Industries and not home users.

Support and Assistance
  • Stated value donated must be made before we email you the full version of the software.
  • Support as per the terms of the License Agreement and Limited Warranty is provided for a period of one year from the date of your donation only on the above application software.
  • We will provide you support in using and installing the software over email during the warranty period for the packages received from us without any extra charge.
  • Warranty is not applicable on data entered by you in the program.
  • The software is licensed for use as per the License Agreement and Limited Warranty document contained in the software, for the number of users as specified above. To view the License and Limited Warranty Agreement click :

If you find any bug, or would like any improvement or feature added, or simply if you like (or dislike) this software, then just email us.

Software by  J. Falcao
Software by  J. Falcao 
contact :  jmfalcao@webXpace.com
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