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nothing much, yet - this is just the beginning...

'Mom, daddy an little Filipa' drawn by Filipa when she was 3 years old :)

the family :) more photos down
the family (now, a real photo)
The family :

   - Me ( the big one.. )
   - Gloria¬†( the wife )
   - Filipa¬†( little one )

outside our home - August 1996

our little Filipa was born on May-1994
best car we ever had

My trusty 1600cc - this VW model is a German 1302-S, and was built back in 1972. Photo was taken in 1992.

We bought this car in 1984, and I spent one year repairing it - just the body & paint - the engine has now @250000km, and still is the original and all tolerances are good.

The front windows were home made, glass and rubber, and I believe they were the first one-piece windows in Portugal (?). Nobody cared much about VW's back then...

on holiday...

On the Summer of 1989, I found this '61 VW Bus abandoned in the middle of nowhere, and we bought it - we paid, back then, $200 and it still had two spare 1143cc engines and 3 complete wheels (16" ones) inside.

Still had the original 6 volt radio !!

We put it to work - the only new parts needed were a 6V battery and a set of contacts - and rode 1500km in a week.

This photo was taken in Bragança, a city in the top North of Portugal.

a long, long time ago...

And to finish, the oldest photo...

This photo was taken in April 1983, and that is (many years..) ago!! It was the day me and Gloria got the papers to get married - weren't we young back then :)