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Some free software programs - you may find useful !

Sometimes we need some kind of utility, but we just can't find exactly what we are looking for, so we have to create it ourselves. Here, you can find some programs that I've created for my own personal use, but that have evolved quite a lot since and that I want to share with everybody.

They are updated often, depending on user's feedback and suggestions.. All those freeware work with all Windows versions, up and until Win10 64bit, and have been kept and developed for more than 16 years now..

All of the software is portable too, been kept like this ever since, no need to install / deinstall anything - just copy to a suitable folder on any disk and... run it!

    FileRenamer file renamer WavPlayer wv player
    WebDownloader web downloader PicViewer picture viewer
    ImageDownload image downloader ToDoRemind todo reminder
    MiniCalc mini calculator BioRhythm biorhythm
    FavoriteTree favorite tree DateRemind date reminder
    FileSpliter file spliter PortaMenu porta'menu

All this freeware is a constant work in progress, but there is a monthly 10 to 12Gb bandwidth trafic coming from this page alone due to downloads.. Nevertheless, donations are low, as during all of 2017 there were only 6 people that cared enough to support this freeware... well, I guess you all understand what I mean.


Pad file for freeware sites File Renamer - Rename all your files, folders and shortcuts, with all shapes and options you will ever need. You can numerate files sequentially, batch rename, replace strings, modify strings, change dates, modify file's attributes, etc. Drag and drop all files and folders from Windows' explorer to Renamer's window, has full 'infinite undo' function - so you will always be safe, and you can also create your own more elaborated scripts, adding every kind of available option together, for repetitive and more complex renaming actions.

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Pad file for freeware sites Web Downloader - Manage all your Internet downloads; drag and drop links to it's window, copy from clipboard, choose how fast and how many simultaneous downloads, were to save files to, change file names, etc. You can also stop and resume downloads at will, and use multiple threads for faster downloads. Works with proxies and supports authentication. Check all options in prefs, as there will for sure be one that you are looking for.

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Pad file for freeware sites ToDo Reminder - Make lists of all the tasks you have To Do and remember, set alarms, priorities and observations to remind you, mark them done, archive desired tasks for future reference, and so much more... Start it automatically every day from Window's 'startup' folder or from the Registry. And it is so small that it won't even take much space in your desktop!

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Pad file for freeware sites Image Downloader - Search and download images from the internet, acording to any keyword or search phrase you want to. The software downloads all full images to a chosen folder on your hard disk, and lets you save your search for later offline browse trough all search lists. You can define max and min image file size to download, maximun nunber of files to search and... a lot more!

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Image Downloader


Pad file for freeware sites WV Player - Play all your sound and video multimedia files, like avi, wav, midi, mpg, mp3, wmv, and any other types that your computer can play. Works also from the command line too, to play any file without starting it's interface. Remembers last used folders and files, has sound and position control, can create play list, resize video, works in 'kiosk' mode, and a whole lot more...

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Pad file for freeware sites Pic Viewer [and editor] - Simple image viewer and editor that supports most graphic image file formats and works as a image file manager also; you can zoom and resize, rotate, mirror, change colors, has a lot of filters for colors and effects and saves changed picture.. Always a work in progress with new image changing filters added, so, keep checking for updates.

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Pad file for freeware sites BioRhythm - Draws your own personal biorhythm cycle charts each day, helping you react and understand. Includes all Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Intuitional cycles. Add as many people to the software's database as you want and draw each biorhythm chart for each individual person at will.

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Pad file for freeware sites Porta'Menu - Small menu launcher for fixed or portable devices. Keeps list of programs to be launched easily from the menu, ordering it anyway you like, and can create program groups for easier use. Has hash control for program safety, effectively making programs safer against virus, spyware and the like.

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Pad file for freeware sites Mini Calculator - A simple 'pocket' calculator with all the basic functions, and that occupies very little space in your desktop. Has option to show a 'paper' strip, from which you can save your calculations.

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Pad file for freeware sites File Spliter - Small utility to split files to a number of smaller parts. This helps fit a large file in several diskets or CDs and, on arrival, assemble all parts back together on it's own, without needing this software. Has no maximum file size limit, and does everything you need to make any file portable.

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Pad file for freeware sites Favorite Tree - Manage all your Internet Exporer 'favorites', that is, the links you keep and that usually grow to so many that they get out of control. Check all, rename, change properties, lauch links directly, etc...

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Pad file for freeware sites Date Reminder - Don't ever forget an important date again! Start it from the 'startup' windows folder, and it will remind you everyday of any events occurring that day, while keeping a list of all name:date pairs.

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And if you find any bug, or would like a new feature or improvement added, or simply if you happen to like - or dislike - any of the programs above, then just email me

  Freeware by  J. FalcaoFreeware by  J. Falcao

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